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Located at 2601 Sunfair Rd. Joshua Tree, CA. 92252

Proud to represent the International Dark-Sky Association

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What's Happening

The Geminids 2018
Meteor Shower

Friday, Dec.14th 7:00 pm - 11:30 pm 

We invite you all to come and enjoy this event with us. 

Join us as we aim telescopes upward, fire up the famous 3D and VR Astro Adventure and bring the stars into focus for all to see and enjoy. 
This is the weekend that celebrates the "Geminid Meteor Event" where up to 100 meteors an hour are expected at the peak time.
It's getting chilly so bundle up, bring your libation and other comfy stuff. 

Visual telescopes will be up and running, 
More to be included, as usual. 


Come get some Starlight with us! We share Astronomy better than Anyone else!  Leonard Holmberg, Tom Haworth, Michael Roemelen, More!

$5.00 at the door please
(Does not include camping fees.)

Kids are welcome, and are free under the age of 12

Kid Friendly No smoking in the Theater.

No pets please as this is a people only event.

See you at the under the Joshua Tree Stars!
(Admission does not include camping.)

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Make it an all nighter under the shooting stars and camp out under the clear desert night skies.  
Make your camping reservations now. 
Go to jtlake.com

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Make it a true all 
nighter under the starry nights of the Joshua Tree Desert Skies.
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Located within the Joshua Tree RV & Campground,
At the Joshua Tree Astronomy Arts Theater
You Don't Have to Worry About Driving Home.
Bring your RV, Tent or stay overnight in your car.
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