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 Upcoming Events at JTAAT
Located at 2601 Sunfair Rd. Joshua Tree, CA. 92252

Proud to represent the International Dark-Sky Association

First Live, Deep Space, Broadcasting Entertainment System

We do Special & Private Events
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What's Happening

Spooky Superstitions II

July Friday the 13th 8:00 pm - 11 pm 

Telescopes aim to the Nebulae - Pillars of Creation,,, The color of Summer and Galaxies in Cianis Venatici !
Superstitions of Comets and Eclipses, Falling Stars and Wanderers in the Night. Lore of the Ancients and Tales of Cosmic Wonder.... 

All for Five Bucks!
People only please no pets
Please Please Please Drive Slowly in the Campground. There is no hurry once you arrive. It's time to relax! Take a breath and Chill...

Kid Friendly No smoking in the Theater.
Bring your comfy stuff, Libations etc.

Click HERE for more info. on our Facebook page.

No pets please as this is a people only event.
Bring your comfy stuff so you're comfortable.
Libation and other stuff is cool.
Please drive slowly in the campground to keep dust down. No big hurry is needed as the sky isn't going away..

See you at the under the Joshua Tree Stars!
(Admission does not include camping.)

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Sunday, August 12th

Join us for the peak of the Perseid Meteor Shower 2018
New Moon Star Gazing Meteor Shower Event
$5.00 please
No pets please
Drive slow to keep dust low please
Bring your comfy stuff etc.
Kids welcome.

Make it an all nighter under the shooting stars and camp out under the warm desert night skies.  
Make your camping reservations now. 
Go to jtlake.com

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Join us to explore the universe at 
The Joshua Tree Astronomy Arts Theater
for an evening under the starry desert skies
Astronomy Discussions
Send selfies into deep space 

Live Deep Space Images Projected on our giant theater screens
Come look through our telescopes.
3-D Deep Space Images and much more
Fun for the whole family!

Admission does not include camping

Please drive SLOWLY in the Campground to keep dust low and remember your comforts and libations.  We do insist that no pets are allowed inside theater.

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~~~~ For This & Future Events ~~~

Make it a true all 
nighter under the starry nights of the Joshua Tree Desert Skies.
 Make your RV & Camping reservations early
At the Joshua Tree Lake
RV & Campground
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Located within the Joshua Tree RV & Campground,
At the Joshua Tree Astronomy Arts Theater
You Don't Have to Worry About Driving Home.
Bring your RV, Tent or stay overnight in your car.
Make Your Camping Reservations Now
For Our Next Event At
Camping fees apply for overnight stays for all events.

Past Events
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For directions or if you would like to stay the night at the campground, please make your camping
reservations through

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